About Majmua, the website

  Majmua is a website focused on serving content from only a handful of websites. Majmua's aims lie in searching through websites that teach the religion of Islam. Majmua is an Arabic term meaning collection. Initially, Majmua started as a collection of websites that teach Islam in the traditional way. As the list of such websites grew, the problem of searching through them arised. Majmua, the serch engine, was created to solve this problem.

The Search Engine

  Majmua is a simple search engine using open source components. The crawler being used is Scrapy based, while the database and indexing software used are MariaDB and Manticoresearch respectively. The controller logic and front end are in PHP and Yii2 framework. Source code of the search engine Majmua is available on github. This website, majmua.org, is an implementation of the framework. This same framework may be used for any other type of search engine as well.

Current Status

  Majmua is my first software project that I have worked on till deployment. Yet, a lot is to be done for a great experience. The most important thing to work on is to improve search quality. Also, there are lot of issues and bugs that need to be addressed. Support for different languages is also planned. Apart from these, both the frontend and backend need a lot of improvements.


  There are many ways that you can contribute to make Majmua better. The best way to help would be by using Majmua and reporting erratic articles, media and also erratic behaviour. If you are a developer and are willing to help with development, head over to github. As a sidenote, Majmua is running on only one server currently, which may cause it to be slow in different parts of the world.

Peace be upon you.